Hardware & Software Support

Segcom Group hardware and software support covers all IT hardware and software including networks, desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and printers. We employ certified technicians who can help you purchase, install, and support all of these devices. Temporary equipment can be supplied in emergencies when critical hardware fails.

Segcom Group can host all of your business software applications and web sites on our servers. We provide the technical support you need to make sure software and databases are optimized for peak performance and have the latest security and vendor updates.

We understands how much time it takes to interact with hardware and software vendors. We provide vendor management to deal with problems and upgrades so you do not have to take time away from supporting your business. Because we have multiple clients using the same hardware and software, we can leverage our vendor relationships to your advantage.

  • Certified technicians
  • Temporary equipment supplied in emergencies
  • Secure hosting of all business software and applications
  • Latest security and vendor updates provided
  • Vendor management
  • Desktop and device support
  • Mobile device management