Sage Pastel & Partner

Do you have difficulty in understanding Cost to Company??

Do you want to distribute payslips via the web??

Do you want to put all staff on leave with one click??

Do you want to transfer funds to Medical Aids, Provident Funds or any other vendor??

Sage Pastel Partner Payroll offers easy, accurate and secure Payroll software processing with all the features you need. This Payroll solution integrates seamlessly with the Sage Pastel Accounting software suite as well as most other accounting software packages available on the market. This dynamic secure Payroll software can accommodate an unlimited number of employees in varying employee brackets and has functionality that allows it to grow with your company.

This Payroll solution includes a FREE Custom Report Writer which allows you to create any type of report according to your business requirements. The Payroll solution will enables your employees to manage and maintain their information online, relieving you of some of your HR administrative burden .The Payroll solution typically offers customized payslips printed on security-sealed payslips.

Various employee Payroll returns required by legislation are done accurately and submitted on time, every time, and that employees receive correct remuneration. The system also allow you to achieve complaint Payroll administration without diverting resources and focus away from core business to run full time Payroll department.

UPGRADE to the NEW V17 Pastel Partner and catapult your Business into the New Technology


Sage Pastel Partner is the ideal business solution, giving you the ability to effectively manage your money and your business. After all, accounting isn’t only about getting the numbers right, it’s also about what you are able to do with those numbers.

With Sage Pastel Partner in the equation, you’ll go beyond accounting.

The combination of ease-of use, innovation and flexibility makes Sage Pastel Partner the perfect accounting software solution for small and medium sized businesses. Suited to a multi-user and multi-company environment, this rapid processing business accounting application has been the mainstay of South African business for over 20 years.

There are various modules which can be added on to Sage Pastel Partner, so that as your business grows, so too does your financial accounting package!